30 Day Challenge

The 30-day challenge is a new autotrading bot that promise to earn $30.000 in 30 days. You may see this homepage by a link in an email or other ads. These gets send to ten of thousands trader to nudge you to join and make the challenge viral. From the release day of such a scam receiving daily hundreds investors mails. Read now this review to learn why you are luckily to find this blog first and don’t lose your money with the scam system.

30-day challenge’s homepage

Here is no especially surprise. At the top is a video to tell you more about the offer and the form to join it. Below is a picture of a supposed bank statement. Here starting already this scam’s mind control. This contains a big stamp-like image with the text “100% verified”. Anybody should know that this text doesn’t make a thing more real. There is no name of an independent organization or any proof. Don’t believe such fake pictures, it contains not even a name of the account holder.

The website contains a fake Facebook- and Twitter area. This is a very cheap production. These are not even texts, but simple images. In the reality has the 30-day challenge neither a Facebook page nor a Twitter account. All you find in social networks are warnings against this strange offer.

The lie that binary option autotrading software will you pay money if you are unsuccessful is very old, but this happened never.

Lies over lies in the Frequency asked question area

No, no and no. This is not a secret inviting page for this offer, you see because anybody thinks very highly of you. You see this page because anybody sent you a link who usually don’t know you, or place a link at a scam website. In the reality is this a public website. Anybody can join, if he dares. Another classical lie is to tell, that the registration will close after a small member count joined. Most scams shows a fake spot countdown. The 30-day-challenge instead shows the count of member had already earned $30k.

This is a random number between 500 and 5000. After each page reload, it generates a new number. Such an amount cannot be right. If the members really earned $30k in total after only 30 days, and the 30-day challenge allow only 25 members each round, it would take around two years to help such many people. But a simple WHOIS request shows, that the domain was register at 2017-04-13, around three months ago.

Like many scams contains the 30-day challenge a modal popup to stop you if you try to leave the website. This is a big contradiction to the spot count of 25 members. Scammer redirects ten of thousand binary option trader to this page. They would not try to stop you with texts like “You Just Made the Biggest Mistake Of Your Life”.

At the bottom of this page are the usually badges of McAfee, VeriSign, Symantec, and GeoTrust. You find these at nearly each scam homepage. But they don’t use any technology to protect you. When you enter any data, you don’t have a SSL encryption to secure them.

The video of the 30-day challenge

30-day challenge’s video is a very cheap production. This trading platform is only popular, because it becomes strong promoted. The video contains no main actor. We know this already from one of the most dangerous scams Dubai Lifestyle. Joey Altair is not a real person. It is only an image of a nobody with the convincingly name “man.jpg”. What you really get are a lot of stock photos with the promise of houses, cars and all the stuff you could buy.

The 30-day challenge claims that Joey Altair managed at the Barclays bank the portfolio of the wealthiest men of the world using the Fibonacci sequence to predict market price movements by 99.3 %. It is the same old story, told a million times before. The big bad government and the EU try to stop him against earning money with binary options. Funnily, he associates the Brexit with his own trading for the companies. But nobody heard about Joey Altair before.

The video is full of short clips of known scam actors. A legit app will you never try bait you with such psychological tricks but be simple honest. When you want archive this, you have to investing clever in the right systems.

Can you get $30.000 in your bank account after one month?

Yes and no. With average 21 trading days each month is this an average earning of $1.428 each day. With a basic newbie investment sum of $250 is this hard to arrive. It’s very risky to become greedy. That why such an application will definitively never get the rank of a legit app. Real legit apps use well-working risk managements. If you interest in earning safety money online, check out the TAI Robotic Trend Indicator, the current most advanced autotrading system

30-day challenge scam review conclusion:

The 30-day challenge is dangerous. It tries to look legit, you have more to look for the lies. This video claims to win five trades after only five minutes. Please don’t believe such crap. In the reality try the 30-day-challenge to play with your minds using a fictional story, scam actors, stock videos, unrealistic promises and other garbage. Clear verdict: 30-day-challenge is a scam and will drain your deposit quickly.

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