CFD Society Review – Is This Another Scam We Should All Avoid?

Hello and welcome to another review from the Make Money Online Zone. If you are looking for answers about the CFD Society, then you are in the right place! You may well have heard about this money making system via email or even on social media. This so called money maker is being heavily promoted across the world and in several different languages. So you might think this is a little strange as they state in their promotional video that they are only looking for 100 additional members.

So if you are interested in this system and are wondering if it would be worth joining the CFD Society, then read on! I’m about to give you the hard facts about the CFD Society and what you can expect if you join the membership.

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CFD Society Review – Who Is Chris Chase?

No matter how you discovered the CFD Society, there are several things that you should know before you join. First of all, let me assure you that this system is not a one off! Lots of these systems exist online and they all have one purpose in mind… To take your hard earned cash!

It might be a bit of an early spoiler to this story, but let me tell you, CFD Society is a total scam. And it all starts with a fake actor called Chris Chase.

Chris Chase is the name given to the fake entity that promotes this get rich quick scheme. There is nothing real about this person or the system that he promotes!

Unrealistic expectations and lots of lies!

If you watch the sales video for the CFD Society, you will see many unrealistic claims. For the total beginner, these claims will seem like a dream come true. This system says that its looking for just 100 new members to use a “signalling service” that can make you around 60K per year!

The fact that these people say they are looking for just 100 extra members makes this seem like a deal not to be missed. And the promises don’t stop there…

We also see so called screenshots of real earnings…

And even more confirmation that we could be earning an extra 60K per year! Sounds fantastic doesn’t it??

CFD Society – Using all the tricks of the trade!

In reality the CFD Society uses all the tricks of the trade to try and convince you that this is the real deal. In actual fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The sales video throws earnings claims at you and tells you to imagine yourself travelling the world…

We learn that this offer is VERY exclusive and only available to the first 100 people. Naturally, lots of people will take this at face value, especially when they learn that they can obtain this system for free!

CFD Society Review – How can a free system be a scam?

The trick to this scam is in first of all convincing you that this is the real deal. After that they hit you with the fact this the CFD Society is totally free! Or so they say! But a scam wouldn’t really be a scam without taking your money. So as you might imagine, there is more to this story than meets the eye.

The truth is, everything that you see within the sales video for CFD Society is completely fake. We see fake actors and lots of fake screenshots.

They even have a go at other scam artists by saying that they know many people have been scammed before. Of course the CFD Society clain to be very different! Unfortunately they aren’t!

Is CFD Society A Scam? And How Does It Work?

So you may still be asking is CFD Society a total scam? Well, yes it is. Let me tell you exactly how this thing works and why you should avoid it.

As we have already pointed out, everything about the sales video is totally fake. And everything you are told within the video is a complete lie. But what happens if you actually join CFD Society? Well, let me tell you…

Although the CFD Society claim that this system is free, it really isn’t. You see, if you join the CFD Society you will be asked to deposit money with a broker in order to activate the signalling service. This is where the people behind this scam make their money. And this is where the real scam begins…

The CFD Society Scam

This scam works by simply convincing you that it’s real. You are shown screenshots that look real and there is a pretty convincing story to go with it. However, all the scammers really want you to do is to put money into the broker that they recommend. This is because they are affiliate with the broker and they will get paid once you have made a deposit. But what about the signalling service that they mention? Well, that’ completely fake too…

The service that these people offer is none existent. Once you pay your deposit into the broker, you can kiss goodbye to your money. Because despite being show how many times this system has won trades, the reality is very different. This system will never make you any profit because it was never designed to do so in the first place.

The CFD Society system is fake right from the sales page to the actual software that makes the scam happen. This was never designed to make you a single penny!

There is a part of the sales video that says something about giving your boss the finger! I suggest you don’t do that just yet and instead do it to the CFD Society.

Want even more proof that the CFD Society is a scam?

If you want hard evidence that the CFD Society is a total scam you don’t need to look far. In fact, the CFD Society website is very honest about the fact that you won’t make a single penny with this system. Yes, you read that correctly. The CFD Society website actually warn you that it’s a complete scam. Take a look for yourself!

ctual risk disclosure statement from the CFD Society website…

Final thoughts and what to do now?

If you were hoping that the CFD Society was going to be the system that changed everything for you, then I’m sorry to disappoint you. But I hope that you will bare with me for a moment here. Because not everything online is a scam. There are legitimate ways to make money online without being ripped off.

My advice would be to stay away from anything that says you can make thousands very quickly, just like the CFD Society does. Instead, you need to focus your attention on genuine ways to make an extra income.

Real, ethical methods of making money online take a little time to learn and put into practice. However, the genuine methods of earning online deliver REAL results. Do you really want to waste your time searching through get rich scams like the CFD Society?

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