Dubai Lifestyle App Review :- Terrible Scam Exposed With Facts !!

**Important Review ! The Dubai Lifestyle App is a Scam that promises you’ll make thousands of dollars overnight. Beware of this dangerous Dubai Life Style App website because we have proof that it is a trap that is filled with deceptions and lies. In order to confirm our suspicions about this obvious Scam attempt, we gained access to Dubai Life Style App site and derived as much information as possible. What we found in our investigation was both shocking and sickening. Before you fall for this money sucking scam, review our evidence that confirms this as a bogus site.

What is Dubai Lifestyle System ?


The Dubai Lifestyle program is a binary options auto trader that is supposed to run completely on auto pilot. The founder, Scott Hathaway claims that it is guaranteed to generate at least $7,000 in profits per day with 99.8% accuracy for winning trades. This was our first indication that something was not right with the Dubai Life Style App system. There is no software available that has this kind of success. You can speak with any professional trader and they’ll tell you that this is simply not the way binary options trading works.

Why Dubai Life Style APP is SCAM ? Review Uncovering Facts !!

You are given the opportunity to use the Dubai Lifestyle software for free. The only benefit to this is that they are not charging an additional fee to rip you off. You are still required to set up an account with a broker to begin trading with the software. The minimum amount is $250 to start, so this is how much you really stand to lose.

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Who is Scott Hathaway ? The Fake Dubai Lifestyle Owner !!

The supposed founder gives his story of going to Dubai with only $500 in his pocket and securing a $430,000 investment from rich brothers who live in Dubai. He spins a fantastic story that would make most people roll their eyes. Typical of a scam, but we felt obliged to investigate further. What we found is that Scott Hathaway is a made up character who doesn’t even appear in the video other than a photograph. They should have avoided the temptation to show his face because our research found it in a stock photo company for sale.

Fake Dubai Life Style System Testimonials

The other testimonials are fake as well. It is easy to research social media and find that there are only negative reviews associated with the Dubai Lifestyle website. Everyone who has invested the $250 that is required for their broker account has lost it swiftly. Because of the Dubai Lifestyle App scam, hard working people have lost their money and are angry enough to complain about it. This is good for building a case against these scammers to warn potential victims to stay away.

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More Deceptions

It’s bad enough that Scott Hathaway promises you’ll begin making profits within 30 minutes, which is a lie, but he goes on to pressure visitors to join Dubai Lifestyle system immediately. This is how clever the scammers who developed the website are. They know that people who are not familiar with how binary trading options software works will not have enough information to make a snap judgment on the program’s worth.

The timer is ticking down throughout the enter Dubai Lifestyle App video presentation and if you don’t join before it reaches zero, you’ll miss your chance forever. He claims that the opportunity will go away and will not be offered again for another year. He also uses baiting and quilting techniques such as referring to people who pass on the opportunity as losers. The pressure to join with a knee jerk reaction is fairly intense. He sells himself as a common American from Iowa who made a great discovery. This is to establish rapport and it’s an old psychological trick to get people to listen more intently.

No Verifiable Evidence to Support Dubai Lifestyle App Software !!

When we research the validity of a company, we look for any type of proof that can substantiate the claims made. We also attempt to verify that the presenter is being honest and that the testimonials given are real. There is no such evidence out there because they do not exist. There is no evidence of this software making profit for one single person that can be verified.

Stacking up the evidence

Our Dubai Lifestyle App review has gone in depth to confirm the legitimacy of this company. Our findings have yielded the following verified information. The founder who presents the program and makes claims that it will make you money is a paid actor. This undermines the integrity of the entire pitch. It leaves a question as to who developed the Dubai Lifestyle App software and how does it really work? Deceptions abound.

Scott Hathaway claims that it is guaranteed to make a profit of over $7,000 per day but doesn’t explain fully how the system works or what makes it so special. This part is vague. He claims that the software runs fully on autopilot with 99.8% accuracy. This is an outright lie because there is no such invention. The market is too volatile for any algorithm to nail winning trades with near perfect accuracy. There is too much movement and uncertainty in the market at any given time.

Fake Dubai Lifestyle App testimonials and reviews are another deception. There is no evidence to support any of the fantastic and unrealistic claims that are made by the fictitious presenter whose picture was purchased for this website. The voice is probably someone else, also hired to read a script.

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Conclusion : The Dubai Lifestyle APP is SCAM !!

Is Dubai Lifestyle App a scam? Based upon the review of evidence that we’ve collected about this program, the only logical conclusion that we can come to is that, yes, The Dubai Lifestyle App is definitely a scam. It is a poorly contrived plan that is easy to debunk with a minimum of effort. While the average internet browser may come upon this site looking for a way to make extra cash and think it sounds great, we have invested the time to collect proof that it is not what it claims to be. If you are considering investing in this bogus Dubai Life Style system, be warned that you’ll lose your money if you do.








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