FinTech Mining: Legit Bitcoin Mining To Earn Cryptocurrency?

What Is FinTech Mining?

This is a new currency that is said to be made for the future. You can harvest and share any of your digital coins when using the platform. The company is essentially a mining operation that you can join and become a part of.

How Does FinTech Bitcoin Mining Work?

Apparently, right now is the perfect time to join the blockchain revolution. And with Fintech Mining being successful as it is, you can oversee the creation of new virtual currencies. The purpose of the company is to make it a comfortable platform that isn’t just suited for engineers and tech specialists, but rather for everyday people who are looking to make some money.

They want to make a platform that is truly capable of being used by anyone at any time regardless of their past experience or where they live. If you truly want to get rich, you have to make money while you sleep. And that is said to be one of the advantages of using the Fintech Mining company.

The platform is setup for easy access to everyone and can be used from mobile devices and desktops as well. You can always see how your account is performing and withdraw your profits from anywhere.

The ROI on the company is said to be massive as is the number of services they offer. There is a team of professionals that are said to be dedicated to helping you make money. Once you are on the platform, you’ll be able to discover the benefits of using the platform. And it will also include detailed analysis as well as a social community where you can meet other people on the platform. Lastly, there is an automatic investment system that is said to be truly automated and can be used to create a new passive stream of income without any effort on your part.

FinTech Mining ICO Details

The ICO is still unannounced and it’s not open to when it will start. You can go to the website and sign up for an email newsletter that will help you keep updated.

Who Is Behind FinTech Mining?

The company is parented by Aorta Digital LTD. The services currently ready for use are only for businesses and special individuals who are ready to sign legally bound contracts. Users must also be in accordance to their local laws and regulations. The terms of service and platform are not available for those people under the age of 18.

The office of the company is located in the Netherlands according to the website.

FinTech Mining Conclusion

It looks like a common scam. The fact that no team names are given is biggest red flag, but also so is the promise of a 200% a year ROI on your investments. Lastly, they are using a Netherlands based address, which is something that is becoming a common occurrence among fraudulent companies these days. It’s a safer decision to not invest with Fin Tech for the time being, at least not until they disclose more information about their platform.


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