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Safe Income

Every day more and more convincing scams such as Safe Income Inc. become available and in turn, more and more people are getting scammed. They are getting better and as they do, people’s wallets are getting smaller. The main goal of these scam websites isn’t necessarily to get you to sign up with their software but rather to do three things: gather information from you so they can continue to send you new “fast cash” scams, gather your billing information so as to steal it and use it at a later date taking out whatever is left, but for the most part, their main goal is to take the referral bonus they get by sending new traders to various brokers. These brokers are not registered, have shady tactics, and do nothing more than rob people, make withdrawals impossible, and simply scam the innocent.

Product Name: Safe Income Inc.

Founder & Chairman: Albert J. Henderson

Official Website:

Win Rate: 90%

Broker: Titan Trade

Potential Profit: $500-$1000 daily

Minimum Deposit: $250

What is really frustrating is that they really look legitimate. Some go through a lot of trouble in order to convince people to sign up. Their target? Those that have limited to no experience with making money online and more specifically, binary options. Any experienced trader or someone with experience with online work would easily see right through them. The best way to weed out the scams is to ask yourself this: If what they have to offer is so amazing and one-of-a-kind, not to mention “free”, why would they have to sell it to you so aggressively and go through all the trouble to convince you to sign up? No one pushes so hard to give you free money, usually it’s the other way around.

What is Safe Income Inc.

This is nothing more than another binary options scam website that pushes you to sign up with their “preferred” broker. In this case, the broker is Titan Trade, who are very popular among many of the scams out there. Of course, looking at previous reviews, the broker has obviously changed several times since they initially released the so-called software, so I would expect another change sometime in the future.

The software is developed to provide you with the option to auto trade or to trade manually. The idea is that it provides you with “special” signals which are accurate and either allows you to pick and choose which ones to trade or set up the settings for the signals to be traded automatically. Now, although the website has provided some information, they certainly provide absolutely zero information as to how exactly they are getting these signals and how they are achieving a 90% win rate. Considering how high the win rate is, I think it’s quite impossible for them to deliver on their promises as it is simply an impossible achievement even by well-known and popular binary options software that are proven to work.

Why is Safe Income Inc. a SCAM?

Well, although it looks quite convincing and the actor is very good at sounding honest and straightforward and “transparent” (which he uses quite often) there is absolutely no doubt that this is just another scam.

They have definitely done their research and done everything necessary in order to stay under the radar and be the exact OPPOSITE of transparent. There is no such company as Safe Income, there is no such person as Albert J. Henderson, there is no physical location or contact information. He even mentions for you to email them if you have questions, but there isn’t even an email listed! Why would you even consider investing with a software that doesn’t even provide you with some form of contact!?

Let me introduce you to the CEO/Spokesperson of Safe Income Inc.:

This is Albert J. Henderson. As you can imagine, I have done quite a bit of research in order to find this guy and see if he is anywhere online. Needless to say, he is nowhere to be found, aside from the numerous paid positive “reviews” by affiliates this guy accompanied by this name is cannot be found anywhere online.

He claims that for over a decade this software has been guiding people to make super profits. I have been searching for a profitable binary options software for quite some time now, and if there is something that is effective I am certain that I would have at least heard about it. If this software really worked the word would have gotten out.

He claims serious profits on a daily basis and tries to prove it with quick shots of bank statements accompanied by pictures of the individual that has supposedly made these profits. A quick search though, reveals that these are nothing more than stock photos, and the bank statements are easily fixed with Photoshop.

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It certainly is not impressive mainly because it’s obviously a lie. The fact that he claims that they have decided in 2015 to offer their services online is also quite a fib considering that the website was registered on the 20th of March of 2016.

He continues with the same lies by claiming that on the 9th of January in 2016 a member by the name of William got a profit of $1,200. Again, based on the fact that this is an online software run through this website and the fact that the website has been up since March, I don’t see how this is even possible.

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Transparency is a word that comes up several times in the video. In fact, he likes to point out how transparency is very important. Which, it is. Only, I don’t think he’s actually looked up the word.

To him transparency is:

1.Telling you that there is a 90% win rate, which is impossible, and if it really is possible, it is not backed by any real information or proof.

2.Telling you how their magical global market technology guides the software to generate daily profits. Without revealing what this technology is, how the information is gathered, or any real backing information. It’s just an empty statement and a selling point, nothing informative or transparent.

3.How their experienced risk management team doesn’t allow high risk actions. I mean, seriously! This software and the whole website has one very lonely and evil little person behind it sitting at home desperate on his computer making money out of other people’s mystery! They don’t have a risk management team! They don’t even have a team…of anything…period. There is no company, there is no address, and there is no one except for a scam artist behind this software.


What is unfortunate is that so many people fall for everything this guy says. Now, when it comes to websites like these, transparency means disclosing exactly how the software works and how it will guarantee such high win rates, it means revealing exact company information, name, location, and contact phone so you know that if you have questions or grievances you are able to contact them. Being transparent means not telling lies. So far, from this website, all has been lies.

Another popular trick with these scams is to show you how they will earn money if you sign up so you don’t question their motives. In this case they have chosen the 5% profit plan. This means they will automatically take 5% from your profits. However, you deposit your money and make your profits through a broker where your money is considered safe. No one can touch it. They cannot take 5% from your profits even if you want them to unless you actually transfer it out of your bank account. Also, this 5% is in addition to the broker’s fee. Now, you don’t need to worry about this, of course, because with this system, you will not be making any profits. They make their profits by convincing you to sign up with their “preferred” broker and from that point on they don’t care what happens, especially when you start losing money with their completely inadequate software.

When it comes to the software, it’s interesting that in the video they have wiped out the Broker information. This is actually because the broker changes every week, basically the moment they have scammed enough people with one broker and move on.

I actually went through the sign-up process with Safe Income in hopes to get a real glimpse of the software but was rather unlucky. With some tweaking I was able to remove the TitanTrade popup which blocked the view of the software, but behind it the only thing that was revealed was an inactive software. No running signals, no information, no graph. Just a screenshot with several areas that are set up to be links but are inactive. The same goes with the website, even their Disclaimer link doesn’t work. This leads me to believe that they are just there for show and not really to be active, who reads that stuff anyway right?

With that said, I am questioning if the software even exists. The whole goal of this website is to convince you to sign up with the broker so they can get their referral fee and wash their hands of you.

Who is Behind Safe Income

I have noticed a name come up regularly when reviewing scam websites. The hosting company DWD Technologies LLC. Now, these guys have a website that seems legitimate and, most likely is. They are listed as the hosting company and when I researched them came up with only one company with the same name in Indiana but they have nothing to do with these guys. They are located in Las Vegas and neither of the provided websites provide any information. Considering they are legitimate hosting company you would think they would have a website selling their services.










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