The Lazy Trader Scam – Detailed LazyTrader Review

Detailed LazyTrader Review

One of the main characteristics of Forex robots that attract investors is the promise to help you gain a relaxed and financially secure life, without you having to lift a finger. This is the case with the newly released LazyTrader robot, introduce by owner and creator Rick Daniels.

Due to its similarity to other scam systems I have come across, I decided that it is necessary to investigate the Lazy Trader. There are various things I discovered and found to be dubious and shady. It is advisable that you read the full review below so that you don’t fall into the trap of another scam.

Rick Daniels & LazyTrader

According to the excruciatingly long and boring promotional video of the Lazy Trader software, Rick Daniels is a Harvard dropout who has worked low paid and horrible jobs for the better part of his life. Until one day he met a trader named Greg at the Wall Street firm he worked for as an errand boy.

Review Verdict: LazyTrader Is Scam

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Greg was the person who inspired Mr. Daniels to create his LazyTrader software, in order to gain the lifestyle of all those professional traders. And supposedly, he managed to achieve this goal. He called the trading algorithm of the Lazy Trade his Profit Repeater.

How Does Lazy Trader Work?

There is no specific information on the technological foundation of the LazyTrader system for Forex investments. It is said to place the most profitable trades on the best assets, at the best time on full autopilot. According to Mr. Daniels, his software has an accuracy rate of 99,997% and is capable of generating around $15,000 per day, even if you start with the minimum deposit of $250.

But there is no way for anyone interested in trading with it verify these results. My practice shows that trading robots like the Lazy Trader Forex trading system are usually a scam. They rely on far-fetched promises to attract investors as their clients and then deplete the accounts by placing random trades.

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Is the LazyTrader a Scam?

There is no conclusive evidence that the LazyTrader Forex robot can be trusted. On the contrary, it is most likely to be a scam. It provides no details on its mode of operation and makes huge claims, typical for scam systems. I advise you to be cautious if you decide to deposit with the software. But don’t rush your decision. There is a limited accessibility applied to the Lazy Trader – only 47 are promised access, but this is a usual pressure tactic applied by scammers.

Overview of Lazy Trader

Lazy Trader lacks credibility. This is the main thing that my investigation managed to prove. It also has no special features that can give you a trading advantage.

In terms of reliability, it has a lot of drawbacks and raises numerous red flags. These include the lack of explanation of its methods of analyzing financial data and basis of decision-making, to the fact that the published testimonials are fabricated and made of stock and stolen photos. All in all, the LazyTrader is not a safe robot for making Forex investments.

Review Verdict: LazyTrader Is Scam

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